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Yoga and Pilates quotation Specifications ModelYJQ04 Product NamePeanut Yoga Ball MaterialPVC ColorPink, Blue, Purple, Gray Product size45*90cm MOQ100pcs Packing40pcs/Carton Carton size: 60*40*40cm G.W/N.W: 40.5/40kgs Product PackingNeutral box/Custom package Features The peanut yoga ball is unique. Peanut-shaped appearance and the contact position with the floor are two pivot points, which can limit the direction of movement. This design can provide higher stability. Suitable for beginners who want to adjust their bodies through yoga and very friendly to people who have difficulty mastering balance. Product Advantage For energetic or ADHD children, the interesting peanut ball can attract children to use and prevent falls. Use yoga ball toys for exercise and horseback riding games; it promotes blood flow inside the body, strengthens the body, improves concentration, and eliminate irritability. Used for the rehabilitation and treatment of canine animals, the shape of the peanut yoga ball is ideal for supporting the limbs of canines and aids in a variety of rehabilitation actions. The anti-burst exercise ball uses a thickened PVC material for safety, durability, and long life. You can use a Swiss ball to improve your internal circulation, reduce weight and strengthen strength. This kit includes an inflatable air pump and user guide to help you use this product faster鈥攏o need to buy separate inflatable equipment and find courses to learn.Yoga and Pilates quotation website:http://www.fitnessbench-factory.com/yoga-and-pilates/

buy Oxygen Cylinder Filling Plant oxygen gas filling plant brief description PSA Technology a revolution in Non Cryogenic Air Separation and Oxygen Generation Technology uses special grade of ZMS ( Zeolite Molecular Sieve). Production principle Product parameters: packing and delivery: Applications锛?/span> Service: l Guidance of installation and commissioning on site can be provided by factory-trained technicians or local Authorized Service Center. l Plenty of original spare parts with proven quality are all available from our central stocks in Shanghai and all distributors鈥檇epots. l Every product will be tested before the delivery. Certificate Customer Other produce FAQ: Q: How to get instant quotes? A: When you send us an inquiry, please tell us the following technical information. 1) Flow: ____Nm3/h 2) Purity: ____% 3) Application or which industry it is used for. Q: How is your after-sales service? A: (1) Provide online guidance for installation and debugging for customers. (2) Well-trained engineers can serve overseas. (3) Global agents and after-sales service are available. Q1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company? We are a professional manufacturer in the field of cryogenic equipment.buy Oxygen Cylinder Filling Plant website:http://www.azbeltech.com/oxygen-plant/oxygen-cylinder-filling-plant/

China Cutting Tools Stone Diamond Saw Blade聽聽include many types of saw blades, such as sintered saw blades, tuck point blades and laser or brazed welded saw bladematrix blades.聽 Characteristics: 聽Designfor longer life and fast speed 聽Efficient cutting in stone 聽Recommend wetcutting and it also can be used for dry cutting Specification DiameterCutter Head Size聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Matrix size DiameterTeethThickHolesStyleProcess hole 250mm granite聽 saw blade40x3.3x15mm flat teeth240172.250key slotno聽 process聽 hole 250mm granite聽 saw聽 blade40x3.3x15mm flat teeth240172.250straigh groovetno聽 process hole 300mm granite saw聽 blade40x3.3x15mm flat teeth290212.450key聽 slot4 process holes 300mm granite聽 saw blade40x3.3x15mm flat teeth290212.460straight grooveno聽 process hole- copper washer 300mm granite聽 saw blade40x3.3x15mm flat teeth290212.450straight grooveno聽 process hole 350mm granite saw blade27x3.3x15mm flat teeth340342.450 key slot4 process holes 350mm granite saw聽 blade40x3.3x15mm flat teeth340242.450straight grooveno process hole 350mm granite saw聽 blade40x3.3x12mm flat teeth340242.450key slotno positioning hole 350mm granite聽 saw blade40x3.3x15mm w teeth340242.450straight grooveno聽 process聽 hole 350mm granite saw blade40x3.3x20mm flat teeth340242.460straight grooveno聽 process hole -copper washer 400mm granite聽 saw blade27x3.8x15mm flat teeth390382.850key slotwith 4 process holes 400mm granite聽 saw blade20x3.8x20mm flat teeth390522.860straight groove聽no聽 process hole 400mm granite saw blade40x3.8x20mm flat teeth390282.860straigh groovetno process hole -copper聽 washer 450mm granite saw blade40x4.2x15mm flat teeth440323.050straight grooveno聽 process hole 500mm granite聽 saw balde40x4.2x15mm flat teeth490363.050straight grooveno聽 process hole 500mm granite saw聽 blade40x4.2x15mm v teeth490363.050straight grooveno process hole 600mm granite saw blade40x4.8x15mm flat teeth590423.650straight grooveno process hole 600mm granite saw blade40x4.8x15mm v teeth590423.650straight grooveno process hole Application FAQ 1. How about the quality guarantee period? One year 2. How can you guarantee the production quality? We have strictly quality control system in our production process. All products must be double checked during every manufacturing process. Requirement of customers and quality of products will be full guaranteed. 3. After I buy the machine, how I can install and operate it? We strongly suggest customer to ask our engineer to come to help you to install the machines, teach your operator how to operate and maintain the machines. 4. If machine got problem, what can you support it? It depends on the problem, usually the process is like this 1. Phone or email the customers how to settle at first. 2. Send the good one by Express immediately if spare parts broken. 3. If problems still not be settled, we will appoint our engineer to solve the problem on spot. 5. About the payment term? T/T, L/C and other payment term could be negotiated. Company ProfileChina Cutting Tools website:http://www.stone-cnc.net/stone-diamond-tools/cutting-tools/

All Wood Book Cases suppliers Our History Caoxian Lulinfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Shandong Caoxian Linfeng Machinery Factory) is a dedicated woodworking machinery manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and integration. Since the establishment of the company in 2006, it has been adhering to the principle of «reputation first, customer first», Has won the trust of domestic users with the principles of integrity, trustworthiness and innovation. Now it has become one of the important domestic woodworking machinery manufacturers. The products are sold all over the country, which has played a strong role in promoting the development of China's board industry. Our Product The company mainly produces various wooden crafts such as straight-jointed boards, finger-joined boards, multi-layer boards, furniture fittings and so on. Our products are flexible in manufacturing, based on customer requirements, what kind of products you need, we guarantee to produce products that satisfy you. Product Application Home improvement, furniture, building materials, wooden handicrafts, wooden outdoor furniture, etc. Production Equipment It has various woodworking machinery such as automatic finger-joined laminated lumber combing machine, automatic wood splicing machine, bilateral planer, hydraulic splicing machine, high-frequency splicing machine, automatic high-precision vertical saw. Production Market Exported to East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Central Africa, West Africa, South Africa, Australia, North America, Central America, the Caribbean, etc. Our Service Recently, in order to improve product reliability, we have invested heavily in programmable controller (PLC) servo systems and imported linear guides and other automatic control systems. These equipment enjoy the global after-sales service provided by the company, and also enjoy the company鈥檚 services. The after-sales service you provide.All Wood Book Cases suppliers website:http://www.lulinfengboards.com/